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We build brand impact, from the ground up
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Web Design

Crafting custom-made websites to really help target your audience
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We Are Freelancers

We Are Freelancers was founded in mid 2008 as a design collaborative between Robbie McCracken & Harlee Axelsen. As the years rolled bye, the collaborative evolved into a diverse array of advertising, marketing, photography, signage, design and production channels. Run by a growing team of freelancers, all sharing the same passion for producing high end work in their respective fields. Covering skillsets in Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Website Development, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Signage, Fine Art, Photography and more, We Are Freelancers caters for wide range of creative needs and packages them into one. With an ever expanding client base both nationally and internationally, We Are Freelancers has many years experience under it's belt to share with your business today. So feel free to drop us a line or email and we would be more than happy to get involved in your next project, BIG or small!
What We Do


Top quality services executed by our devoted and creative team. We are focused on making you stand out.

Web Design

UI, GUI, SEO, you may not know what these are but we do, and we utilise them to make your website beautiful and functional.

Graphic Design

Not just a logo, a tenacious brand is consistent across all collateral building trust and strong brand awareness.


Help communicate your brand with the right signage in the right location for the right target.

Corporate Branding

Complete branding packages to set your business apart, from the business card to a building wrap.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing. Create, schedule and utilise the power of social media.


Custom built advertising campaigns to reach your target market.

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